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MetricNews offers various professional services ranging from consultancy and graphic work to Enterprise deployment of MetricNews within your company's infrastructure.

Professional Services

Newsletter design and creative assistance

Our graphic artists and web designers can help you with creative work such as designing your next template or converting your website look into a MetricNews template. Contact us today to tell us what are your needs.

arrow Newsletter template (no creative work)
$199 - order now

arrowNewsletter template (with creative work)
$499 - order now

Contact list import / clean-up

Do you really know where all those emails are? Outlook, CRM, oracle, Excel spreadsheet, text file. We can help you with that!

Send us your contact lists, we will merge them, clean them, and import them to MetricNews. Once done you'll be all set to use it in MetricNews. Best of all, using our simplified subscriber management tools allows you not to worry about all those files in the future.

arrow Contact List Import (no cleanup)
$49 - order now

arrow Contact List Import and Clean-up (conditions apply)
$99 - order now

If you already have a CRM or a database that you use to manage your contacts, we can help you integrate a live bridge between your system and MetricNews.

arrow Database Integration
contact us for a quote

Website integration and web design

Using email marketing is a great way to attract customers, partners and employees and to improve your brand and product awareness.

If you need integration work such as custom subscribe or unsubscribe forms integrated with your existing website or if you need some special web design work to be done, let us know. Our web designer will help you get the best out of your site.

arrow Web design custom work
$85 per hour - contact us for a quote

Onsite and web-based training sessions

We offer training sessions on how to use MetricNews. You can request a beginner, intermediate or advanced training. The sessions are available through the web or on-site if we have a consultant in your area.

arrow Beginner session (2 hours, upto 3 attendees)
Overview of MetricNews control panel, using the dynamic content editors, subscriber's management, sending your first newsletter.
$249 - order now

arrow Intermediate session (4 hours, upto 4 attendees)
Includes in-depth profile configuration, overview of template manipulation and advanced use of the newsletter composer, in addition to what is included in the "Beginner session". This training is customized to your company requirements.
$799 - order now

arrow Advance session (2x3 hours, upto 4 attendees)
Includes in-depth template creation, advanced use of the statistics and hands on practice, in addition to what is included in the "Intermediate session". This training is customized to your company requirements.
$1299 - order now

Priority technical support

Technical support is provided through email week days from 9AM to 5PM EST unless you have a special service plan such as MetricNews Enterprise. We provide priority phone technical support, assisted sending and one-on-one training at a cost billed per hour.

arrow Priority Technical Support
$85 per hour - order now

Enterprise Services

Discover how MetricNews can become an integral part of your communications infrastructure with such things as a dedicated server, brand integration, database integration, priority technical support, priority feature request, and much more.

arrow Visit MetricNews Enterprise Page
arrow Contact us for details and pricing


MetricNews is built for you. Our customers have a diversified field of activities and are of all sizes. SME, non-profit, large and international organization, you will always find the same easy-to-use solution.

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