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Create, Send and Manage

Play Video MetricNews is an online email marketing solution to ease the creation, sending and managing of newsletters and other types of electronic business messages. It allows your organization to seamlessly compose, customize with content, proofread & send periodic newsletters to contact lists without any technical knowledge. You only need to create or customize a message template once and let MetricNews do the rest. Compose and manage content items such as news, events, pictures, surveys and more through MetricNews web-based Content Composer.

Track and Analyze

MetricNews allows you to monitor in real-time the use, pertinence and impact the campaign has on each recipient individually by providing you with detailed and clear performance marketing metrics and analysis on all aspects of your message. Allowing you to tailor content and improve communication over time. MetricNews captures and displays information such as: how many people read the newsletter, how many "forward to a friend" were sent, per recipient information openings and clicks, per content item viewing information, and much more...


  • Easily create attractive messages
  • Track Opens and Clicks
  • Manage recipients and automates lists
  • Reinforce your corporate brand
  • Improve the quality of your content

How does it work?

MetricNews is provided as a web service. There is no need to install software or to support it on your company's network. The MetricNews service provides an easy-to-use web-based interface. A message template is developed reflecting your company image. You can easily insert content such as texts, pictures or surveys to produce a professional newsletter. Your contact list is uploaded into MetricNews using an easy to use wizard. You can proofread your newsletter, see how it will look in your recipient's inbox before sending it. Once sent, MetricNews captures various metrics on the success, the results and the impact your newsletter has on your recipients. All of this and much more is available to you on MetricNews secure, password protected, control panel.

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