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MetricNews Enterprise Services

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Dedicated Account Manager

When you subscribe to MetricNews Enterprise, you are assigned a dedicated Account Manager. Allowing you priority technical support, off-hours emergency support, access to our development group, quick feedback and constant care.

Content Assistance and Communications Specialist

Even if you have designers and communications personnel, it's not always easy to deliver your next mailing on-time. Get to know our communications specialist that can help you get all the pieces together, prepare your mailing or act as your project manager.

Premium Features

When subscribed to MetricNews Enterprise, you have access to premium features such as Multi-Account Management (create accounts per department or division), Multi-User Management (manage one or more teams and individual privileges), no requirements for MetricNews Logo on each message, no bandwidth limitations, your own IP and much more.

Dedicated Server

Depending on your usage, you may want to have your very own MetricNews. Hosted at your company or at our datacenter, we can provide a dedicated MetricNews server for your use.

Brand integration

Harmonize your brands with custom domain names. Get your very own domain name displayed when you use MetricNews, when you send your newsletters and when subscribers click on links. Ex.

Database Management and integration

Get a peak at your database directly. Request database views, special access and integration work. We can execute tricky queries and business intelligence analysis on your live data!

Priority Feature Request

When you subscribe to MetricNews Enterprise, you get a peak at our roadmap. You can even influence it by asking for the features that you require most. Even though we cannot guarantee release timeline, we work with you to make MetricNews the best email marketing solution for your company.

arrow Call for details and pricing


MetricNews is built for you. Our customers have a diversified field of activities and are of all sizes. SME, non-profit, large and international organization, you will always find the same easy-to-use solution.

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